Young doctors at St Francis’ Hospital

by John Mwanza

Malou Sorbi is a medical student from Netherlands. She came to St. Francis Hospital on 27th May, 2023 and left on 7th July, 2023. She was inspired to come to Zambia at St. Francis Hospital Katete by a friend who once did his medical experience at St. Francis Hospital early 2023 who was also from Netherlands.
Malou’s interest was to learn about surgical conditions and their treatments, how health care services are provided and also to learn the Zambian culture and language. “I have learnt a bit of Chichewa and I love it. People appreciate it when you try the local language”. In an interview Malou said, “my experience at St. Francis Hospital is very good. In my first two weeks I was getting used to the work in the wards and theatre. After two weeks things got very nice. St. Francis Hospital is a good place to get working experience”. Malou worked in two surgical wards (Kizito Male ward and Mukasa Female ward).

“Doctors in surgical wards are working very hard to provide good health care. Sometimes drugs and other working materials are not available, but they still figure out to do it the other way with the equipment they have. I have seen patients come from far to be helped in St. Francis Hospital, also because it’s known as a good hospital’’. Malou loved the meals prepared at the Mess. “Meals at the Mess are very nice and varying. I loved eating from there and I will definitely miss it’’ she said.

‘’To my follow medical students who consider to come to St. Francis Hospital, I can say that it’s a very good decision to come here and it will be an amazing experience. I can recommend it to everyone! Learn what people do here, eat the good food and learn how people are positive to be treated at the Hospital” she said.



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