Update on the Local Fundraising & PR Project

– Consultancy mission to St Francis Hospital, by John Mwanza –

On 10th November, 2022 St. Francis Hospital had a successful online Zoom meeting with Mr. Elias Xavier, a consultant from Tanzania. In the meeting it was agreed that Mr. Xavier, in cooperation with the Hospital will work on a plan and budget for a consultancy mission to visit St. Francis Hospital that will focus on a Strategic Plan for the Fundraising&PR Unit at the Hospital. During the meeting Mr. Xavier proposed three elements for the mission and these are: Facilitating Self Diagnostic, Local Fundraising Training and Fundraising Strategy.

Mr. Xavier is an Organizational Development practitioner who has extensive experience in Change Management and learning. He is an expert in facilitation of Organizational self-diagnosis, Local fundraising, Philanthropy and a consultant for Change the Game Academy (CtGA).

Mr. Xavier has worked with big and small hospitals in Tanzania. He has helped hospital to find means of fundraising using local resources and local people. Through his support visits to hospitals, there are annual local fundraising activities taking place in these hospitals and thus his movement has helped in improving financial sustainability. St. Francis Hospital needs such a supportive visit to also achieve sustainability in the area were the government grant does not cover.

The Hospital is very pleased to have a supportive visit from such an expert who will help the hospital to implement local fundraising projects. The management is looking forward to learn these three elements. These elements will be implemented effectively to enable Hospital financial sustainability in these coming years.

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