It is heartwarming to find that with our international effort we have reached a bit more than 2/3 of the amount needed to support the parents of the quads in their first year. The children Dalitso, Tilape, Christine and Elesya are home in their village now, with 36 tins of milk. They are due back every fortnight for check-ups and new supplies of milk and medicine. So far the good news is that they are all gaining weight, only one baby not so much as the other three.  As yet there is no reason for great concern.

Thank you, people from Zambia who donated in money and in kind (see the lovely clothes the babies are wearing!), and thank you: friends from England, Scotland, extremely generous Guernsey, Netherlands and Norway. There hopefully still is some money on its way to reach our ultimate goal of 3000 pounds.
Whether we get there or not: it is safe to say that our first international effort to work together to support St Francis’ Hospital and its patients in an emergency has been successful!