St Francis’ Hospital launches free fistula treatment

St. Francis Hospital in partnership with the Fistula Foundation launched a free fistula treatment programme in Eastern Province on the 11th March, 2020.This followed a discussion and agreement between Dr. Lalick Banda and the  Fistula Foundation during the visit to Scotland. The launch was graced by Dr. Andrew Silumesi; the Director Public Health in the Ministry of Health who represented the Permanent Secretary: Dr. Kennedy Malama and was broadcasted on the national Television station. The launch also coincided with a two weeks fistula repair where over 50 women were operated upon.
St. Francis Hospital is now a treatment site for fistula in Eastern Province.

This is yet another important milestone in the provision of health services to the community and a demonstration of the confidence of Government and partners.

Read here about fistula, its cause and the life changing importance of its surgical repair.
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