SFH Bulletin June 2021

Here you can download the SFH Bulletin, the issue of June 2021. First of all a message of Dr. Lalick Banda, thanking all partners and the Zambian Ministery of Health for their support in these difficult times.
Good news is that the oxygen plant is in operation. Oxygen is piped to the mayor wards, other wards are to follow. The hospital is extremely grateful to the organizations and individuals who made this come true: Friends of St Francis Hospital (UK), Pylos Zambia, Mr Charles Mkokweza, Mr Wilson Sumaili, Build it International, Mr Chibesa Chitangala, Sable Contruction, Mr Chikwanda, Muslim Association (Katete and Chipata Districts).

Sad news is that Bishop John Osmers died in Lusaka on 16 June 2021. He was consecrated as a first Bishop of the Anglican Eastern Diocese in 1995. For over 20 years the bishop was involved in helping refugees and promoting tertiary education in medical and educational fields. In the months before his death Bishop Osmers urged the people to ignore the myths that were being spread about the vaccine against Covid-19 and urged people to go and get the jab.
Download the SFH Bulletin here.



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