SFH Annual Report 2020 to be downloaded here

Albeit with some delay, the extensive SFH Annual Report has been published.

Dr Lalick Banda in the introduction: “The year 2020 was yet another difficult year especially with the outbreak of COVID 19 which has not only created fear among our people but has also put a lot strain on scarce resources.
At the peak of the disease, 12 overseas doctors left the institution for their home countries. This had an impact on the service at the Hospital.
The hospital is still receiving a lot of patients, though there has been a reduction in the number of patients the wards due to COVID restrictions this year.
The stock out of essential commodities such as drugs and medical supplies due inadequate supply from Medical Stores Limited continue to affect the delivery of health services at the institution.”

Read the full report here and decide how you may help this eminent institution.

General meeting of staff 2020

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