RIP Namushi Samutumwa

On May 25 Namushi Samutumwa died. She had been feeling unwell and returned to Katete from Lilongwe, Malawi, where she had only just finished her studies at Kamuzu College of Nursing (University of Malawi). She was operated on in the hospital, but sadly her condition was too serious.
She died in the Intensive Care Unit, only a couple of days after her return to Katete. She leaves behind her husband, Mr Hillam Kalumbi, engineer at the hospital, and five children, the youngest being only five years old. Our heartfelt condolences are for Hillam and the children.

Namushi Samutumwa Kalumbi had been working as a nurse at St Francis’ since January 2005.  At the instigation of Dr Lalick Banda, MSI of St Francis’ Hospital, she decided to do a Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing. The Medical Support Group of the Netherlands supported her during her training.
She started her training in November 2018. Although life in Malawi, away from husband and children was not always easy for her, she managed to obtain excellent results.
During her holidays she hardly took time off, and worked normal shifts at the Children’s Ward.

In March 2020 the Kamuzu College in Malawi closed because of Covid-19, and Namushi returned to Katete. She again resumed work at the Children’s Ward and followed lessons and did her exams online, which was not easy because of the erratic power supply at Katete. Only in September 2020 could she go back to college. However, she managed to finish her thesis on time and handed it in. The sad thing is that she worked so hard and was so very, very near to her goal.

All of the hospital staff and MSG who funded her studies sincerely regret the passing of such a talented and hard working lady. Rest in Peace, dear Namushi.


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