End of February the babies were due for checkups at the hospital, but the family did not show up. So on March 7 Mr Fred Ntongwe and one of the drivers set off to check on the family in their village. This journey turned out to be quite an expedition.
Because of heavy rains quite a few roads were inaccessible and the jeep got stuck several times.

Family with the babies

When they finally reached the village and spoke to the father it turned out that the babies developed a fever. The family tried to reach the nearest clinic, but on the way Tilape died. It turned out he died of sepsis.

Read the whole touching report by Mr Fred Ntongwe here.

A consultation was held with Dr Lalick Banda, St Francis Hospital’s Medical Superintendent: The trustees will decide on the further support of the remaining three children, perhaps even through school.  If agreed the ample funds we are holding -thanks to our generous donors- may also be requested for other families that are struggling because of multiple births. See our projectpage for more information.

Family and babies