Progress on renovation of Kizito, report by John Mwanza

Renovation of St. Kizito and Mukasa roof at St. Francis Hospital is the project supported by Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands. All the works (enshrined in the contract) for the Mukasa side of the building have been completed, patients are back in the ward. The Kizito patients have safely been moved to St. Augustine in order handover the site to the contractor. The ongoing activities include removal of asbestos roofing and installation of iron sheets on the Kizito side of the building and preparation of the floor screed to receive terrazzo. The project is being supervised by Mr. Chungu Mutale a hardworking and dedicated project manager. Construction for Africa is the contractor who won the renovation contract. The actual works done so far in 20 working days can be estimated to be at 25% of the whole project.



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