PR/Fundraising expert from Tanzania at SFH

On 5 th to 13 th December 2022 a Fundraising Capacity Building training was held at St Francis’ Hospital, Katete, Zambia. The training was organized by the St Francis’ Hospital Management and the trainer was Mr Elias Xavier from Tanzania (see photo on the left).
Mr Elias Xavier is a Change the Game Academy Fundraising Consultant and an expert in the field of Fundraising/PR. He earned his merits with projects in several institutions in Tanzania, mainly in the field of local fundraising, addressing local resources and local people.

The training consisted of 10 participants drawn from different SFH departments. We had an introspection of SFH and we were able to identify a range of strengths which the institution can tap into for its fundraising. One of the lessons drawn was that we needed to be deliberate and strategic in order to fundraise.
We also discussed a range of fundraising opportunities that lie both locally and internationally and SFH could take full advantage to improve on its services to its beneficiary.
Having under gone the fundraising capacity building training,
we came to understand what fundraising is all about and we were able to identify a range of strengths which the institution can use for its fundraising. Hence, it is the duty of the fundraiser and the fundraising team to implement these learnt three steps of change pathway effectively to enable Hospital financial sustainability in these coming years.

By: John Mwanza, PR/Fundraising Official

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