Here a more elaborate partners’ page, including a forum and more detail about each partner will be published soon.

View the video of Dr Banda explaining the value of partnerships. The are the hospital’s life line!

St Francis’ Hospital partners are (in alphabetical order)

Beit Trust (UK)

Christian Aware Team

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)-BMZ

Five Hundred Miles

Friends of St Francis’ Hospital (UK)
Work on this website will be done shortly. However, the contact address for volunteer doctors to apply is working fine. You could also mail*: andrew[at]

*replace the [at] by the usual at sign

Friends of St Francis’ Charitable Trust

Legge Group

NHS Border Hospital (Scotland)

SIDA – Maternal and Child Health

St Francis’ Hospital Medical Support Group (Netherlands)

The Logie Legacy (Scotland)

Some of the partners at Partners’ meeting