Oxygen plant at St Francis’ Hospital

Mr Andrew Cairns of the Friends of St Francis’ Katete Charitable Trust reports on 18 february 2021 that the oxygen plant has now arrived at St Francis’ Hospital.  The plant is located between York Ward, Theatre and the Laboratory.  The building to house the plant is under construction. Mr Cairns wishes to thank everybody who kindly donated towards this project.
The Friends of St Francis’ are now trying to raise funds to pipe oxygen to the wards and also to provide the plant with an uninterruptible power supply.

Most of the electrical power in Zambia is provided by hydro-electricity principally from Lake Kariba, Kafue Gorge and the Luapula River.  Towards the end of the dry and at the beginning of the wet seasons (the dry season is normally from March to October), water levels dwindle – reducing capacity.  With a growing population, there is not enough power to go around and therefore power cuts are the norm.  Whilst the hospital has two rather old electricity generators that run on diesel during the power cuts, they are very expensive to run.  Zambia has an abundance of sunlight so it is logical to consider solar energy to power the oxygen plant.
If you would like to make a donation to pipe oxygen to the wards and for solar energy for the oxygen plant, please click here: donate.  As the Friends of St Francis Katete is a Charitable Trust, UK tax-payers can Gift Aid the donation.  If this applies to you, please tick the relevant box when making the donation.

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