Rest in peace Talipe

The quadruplets developed a fever. Tilape died on the way to Nyanje Hospital. The other babies survived and are thriving.

Incredible! Nearly 10,000 for the Quads!

The fundraising for the quads has been an enormous success. Two trustees will be appointed to see that this money will go far – hopefully even seeing the 4 through primary school.

Thank you all! We are nearly there!

It just may be safe to say that our joined effort is a success. An ample two-thirds is in our respective accounts. Just 900 pounds to go and the babies will not be found wanting.

Fundraising for Katete quadruplets: results so far

The quadruplets at St. Francis’ are doing well. Our fundraising effort so far has resulted in approx. 1000 pounds of the 3000 pounds needed to assist the family in the first year.

Support now: let quadruplets live!

Quadruplets born at SFH. Family has no sustainable means to support the 3 girls and 1 boy.

Volunteer doctors wanted

Volunteer doctors, especially specialised doctors, are extremely welcome at St Francis’ Hospital.

Dr Banda guest speaker

Dr Lalick Banda, accompanied by Mr Fred Ntongwe, will travel to Scotland 1st November 2019 to speak at an international Health Conference

Contracts signed for new projects

New projects are being undertaken with the support of the St Francis’ Hospital Medical Support Group, Netherlands.

Local Medical Support Group in formation

Initiatives are under way to form a Local Support Group. Already steps have been taken. Members of the Group have visited St Francis’ and are now in the process of finalising the Constitution and registration with relevant offices.

Three Projects finished

With the support of the Medical Support Group in the Netherlands the facilities at St Francis’ are continuously upgraded. Three important projects are finished now.