As a first step Mr Wilson Sumaili has invited a number of people to form up a Local Medical Support Group.The Group will first be taken to St Francis’ Mission hospital for their orientation as many of them have never been to Katete.
The Group will operate independently direct with St Francis’ Mission Hospital.  ZAC may receive reports from the Hospital if it so wishes.

Mr Sumaili has circulated a copy of the Draft Constitution that was drafted in 2014. Upon return from the visit, the Group will then review the Draft and tailor it to what will be perceived by the mode of their support.  The objectives of the 2014 draft are as laid out below.

The Local Support Group will fulfill the aim and vision by:

a.    Promoting and improving the services provided by the Hospital and how it can improve the health and well-being of the residents of the Eastern Province and Katete District in particular and working together regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognising the value of our many differences

b.    To work closely and support the initiatives of the Friends of St Francis’ in the UK, the Netherlands MSG, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health and other many organisations supporting the Hospital;

c.    To raise funds and materials using various strategies and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the works and operations of the Hospital;

d.    To publicise and promote the works of the Hospital by involving local community in improving the facilities and surrounding areas of the Hospital;

e.    To promote linkages with agencies and organisations that can help improving SFH in all aspects of its service delivery;

f.      To promote both environmental improvement and practical conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local hospital community in environmental practice by working with statutory and non-statutory agencies;

g.    Organise stakeholders meetings, and events;

h.    Work with similar groups or organisations and exchange information and advice with them;

i.      Take any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfill its aims.

For more information or support of this local initiative please contact Mr Wilson Sumaili, Interim Coordinator.
Mail sumaili_wilsongraham[at] *

*To avoid spam this email address is written in a different way. Please replace the [at] by the conventional at-sign.