Lack of accommodation for senior staff

Although new wards are being built, lack of qualified senior staff partly caused by lack of appropriate accommodation, for senior staff (consultant surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists) remains a major challenge. The hospital has many housing units, but most of them are either too small (1-2 bedrooms) or too old for decent accommodation (many built in 1950-70s-and risk collapsing on occupants). To encourage more senior doctors (consultants) to join st Francis to save lives, some partners have helped to donate funds to build more senior staff houses or to rehabilitate the old ones.
In 2013, the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission, through its chair, Mr. Peter Keeling, contributed funds to construct 3 staff houses (are occupied by two 2 newly posted doctors and a newly posted chaplain). Since st Francis is a 2nd level hospital receiving complicated cases for specialist treatment from 1st level hospitals and clinics, the public and patients expect to find qualified specialist doctors, such as consultants to manage them. However, without proper accommodation, such expectations are unrealizable, and patients’ care suffers.
Therefore, you can make a huge difference to patients’ welfare by contributing any little amount towards the staff house accommodation. Indeed, you will have helped to improve patients care in the rural area of Katete, Zambia. Kindly contact us for further details using the address shown on the web site.

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