John Mwanza appointed PR/Fundraising official

Mr John Mwanza has been appointed to work fulltime for the department of Public relations/Fundraising to be established at the hospital, – as yet for two months on trial.
Since the cost of maintenance of buildings and equipment and the procurement of equipment is not covered by the hospital’s government grant, finding funds elsewhere has become a necessity for the Hospital Management. In fact this has always been the case, but John Mwanza shall co-ordinate the various efforts and work on sustainability.

John Mwanza is one of the children who were sponsored by Orphan Venerable Children (OVC) from the Friends of St. Francis Hospital between the years 2007 to 2009. After his secondary school in 2012 he worked as a deport data clerk for Food Reserve Agency. In 2013 John went and did secondary teachers’ diploma in mathematics and Religious Education and completed in 2015.

John Mwanza is familiar with the hospital – he has worked as a Hospital revenue collector and One Stop Centre (GBV) data entry clerk and provider for first-line support to GBV (Gender Based Violence) survivors at SFH. Through his passion to give his level best the St. Francis Hospital Management appointed him to work as a fundraiser/PR.

If you have can help John in any way with suggestions or support, mail to mwanzajohn12[at]  *

*The format of this email address has been changed to avoid spam. Replace the [at] by the usual @ and send your mail to John.

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