On 24 February we received a message from our Friends in the UK (Friends of St Francis’ Hospital) that another £7,050 was donated, bringing our grand total to almost £10,000 (donations from England, Scotland, Guernsey, Norway, US, Netherlands and Zambia).

Mr Fred Ntongwe, SFH Hospital Administrator

The following course of action is now being set in motion:
The project money will go to a separate bank account and two trustees will be appointed, one trustee in Britain and one in Zambia who will directly monitor the needs of the quads and will communicate them to his (or her) British counterpart.
Mr Andrew Cairns from the UK, who visits Katete on a regular basis, has been asked and showed himself willing to perform this task. He will contact Mr Fred Ntongwe in Zambia to ask whether he is prepared to be the second trustee.
The money might, if all kinds of unexpected medical complications do not occur go a long way and will see the children through primary school at least.

On our projects page on this website you we will keep you informed, albeit on a less regular basis, about the progress of the quads. Thank you all on behalf of the parents of Dalitso, Tilape, Christine and Elesya!