Draught in Zambia

During the last rainy season, Zambia has experienced extremely low rainfall, culminating in the worst drought the country has experienced since records began.
The effects were most clearly observed in crop production: one million hectares of planted maize has been adversely affected across 84 of the 116 districts in Zambia
Similarly, pasture availability has reduced for animals.
To beat the problems the focus is now on distribution of available food across the country, e.g.extra food for schools meals, under 5 clinics and consultation points for pregnant women.
The hospital also experiences the results of the drought with more malnutrition patients than ever.
Also the mais they serve in the wards will cost more than in the past years.
Due to the low rainfall, lakes like Lake Kariba are not full enough to give the whole country electricity. Zesco no longer provides electricity for 8 hours during the day.

In his statement on the drought of April 16, Mr. Hakadainde Hichilema appealed to the international community, the partners within the country, the private sector, the church and civil society to support Zambia.

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