Update on St Kizito Ward, by John Mwanza

Works at St. Kizito ward are progressing very well. About 70% of the whole project has been done in 50 working days. Replacing the asbestos roofing with iron sheet at Kizito building is done, casting of Terrazzo is almost done, with only skirting and casting of Terrazzo floor in the main corridor (between Kizito and Mukasa) remaining. Construction works are at Nurses bay and construction of extended staff side wards. This project is being supported by the Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands. Mr. Chungu Mutale a dedicated project manager is the supervisor for this project and Construction for Africa is the contractor on site.

Photos below:1. works at nurses’ bay,  2. extension works of staff side wards.

Progress on renovation of Kizito, report by John Mwanza

Renovation of St. Kizito and Mukasa roof at St. Francis Hospital is the project supported by Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands. All the works (enshrined in the contract) for the Mukasa side of the building have been completed, patients are back in the ward. The Kizito patients have safely been moved to St. Augustine in order handover the site to the contractor. The ongoing activities include removal of asbestos roofing and installation of iron sheets on the Kizito side of the building and preparation of the floor screed to receive terrazzo. The project is being supervised by Mr. Chungu Mutale a hardworking and dedicated project manager. Construction for Africa is the contractor who won the renovation contract. The actual works done so far in 20 working days can be estimated to be at 25% of the whole project.



Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023

This festive season I am wishing you and your family peace, love and Joy over this Christmas and every Blessing for 2023.

John Mwanza, PR/Fundraising official 

PR/Fundraising expert from Tanzania at SFH

On 5 th to 13 th December 2022 a Fundraising Capacity Building training was held at St Francis’ Hospital, Katete, Zambia. The training was organized by the St Francis’ Hospital Management and the trainer was Mr Elias Xavier from Tanzania (see photo on the left).
Mr Elias Xavier is a Change the Game Academy Fundraising Consultant and an expert in the field of Fundraising/PR. He earned his merits with projects in several institutions in Tanzania, mainly in the field of local fundraising, addressing local resources and local people.

The training consisted of 10 participants drawn from different SFH departments. We had an introspection of SFH and we were able to identify a range of strengths which the institution can tap into for its fundraising. One of the lessons drawn was that we needed to be deliberate and strategic in order to fundraise.
We also discussed a range of fundraising opportunities that lie both locally and internationally and SFH could take full advantage to improve on its services to its beneficiary.
Having under gone the fundraising capacity building training,
we came to understand what fundraising is all about and we were able to identify a range of strengths which the institution can use for its fundraising. Hence, it is the duty of the fundraiser and the fundraising team to implement these learnt three steps of change pathway effectively to enable Hospital financial sustainability in these coming years.

By: John Mwanza, PR/Fundraising Official

VVF Surgical Camp at St Francis’

A VVF Surgical camp was conducted at St Francis’ from 23rd to 28 October with a team of visiting surgeons, supported by local surgeons.

Vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) is an abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina that results in continuous and unremitting urinary incontinence. The condition is one among the most distressing complications of gynecologic and obstetric procedures. Eastern Province is just many rural Provinces has a high number of women afflicted with this condition.

The Fistula Foundation of Zambia in partnership with St. Francis Hospital has been conducting VVF repairs in the Province using St. Francis Hospital as a treatment site.

The Medical Support Group of Netherlands working with the Late Dr. Joop Jansen have been supporting the camp through the provision of supplementary surgical supplies.

Read the full report here.

Orthoses service at St Francis Hospital

SFH partner 500 Miles of Olivia Giles is still funding a small, low level P&O (prostheses and orthoses) service at St Francis’. See for more information her newsletter, that you may download here. This is housed into the new premises of the physiotherapy department, built at SFH in 2021 with the assistance of the Medical Support Group and Wild Geese of the Netherlands. The representative at SFH does not have the training, machines or materials to make prostheses or complex orthoses, but she can make simple ones. She is also building a register of people who need tase devices – currently standing at 171.

Do you want to support 500 miles in developing a full swing P&O service? Contact Olivia Giles at:
olivia[at]500miles.co.uk *

*the format of this email is written differently from what you are used to to protect Olivia from spam. Replace the [at] by @ and send your mail.

Update on St Kizito Renovation

On 3rd November, 2022 a technical evaluation of the bids received took place and a recommendation for a possible award of the contract was conducted. On Thursday 10th November, 2022 the recommendation made by technical evaluation team was approved during a sub-procurement meeting.
A company named Construction for Africa was awarded of the renovation of St. Kizito.

The contractor is expected to be on site between 25th November, 2022 and 2nd December, 2022.
The whole project will be supervised by St Francis Project Manager Mr Chungu Mutale.

This is a project of the Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands.


Update on the Local Fundraising & PR Project

– Consultancy mission to St Francis Hospital, by John Mwanza –

On 10th November, 2022 St. Francis Hospital had a successful online Zoom meeting with Mr. Elias Xavier, a consultant from Tanzania. In the meeting it was agreed that Mr. Xavier, in cooperation with the Hospital will work on a plan and budget for a consultancy mission to visit St. Francis Hospital that will focus on a Strategic Plan for the Fundraising&PR Unit at the Hospital. During the meeting Mr. Xavier proposed three elements for the mission and these are: Facilitating Self Diagnostic, Local Fundraising Training and Fundraising Strategy.

Mr. Xavier is an Organizational Development practitioner who has extensive experience in Change Management and learning. He is an expert in facilitation of Organizational self-diagnosis, Local fundraising, Philanthropy and a consultant for Change the Game Academy (CtGA).

Mr. Xavier has worked with big and small hospitals in Tanzania. He has helped hospital to find means of fundraising using local resources and local people. Through his support visits to hospitals, there are annual local fundraising activities taking place in these hospitals and thus his movement has helped in improving financial sustainability. St. Francis Hospital needs such a supportive visit to also achieve sustainability in the area were the government grant does not cover.

The Hospital is very pleased to have a supportive visit from such an expert who will help the hospital to implement local fundraising projects. The management is looking forward to learn these three elements. These elements will be implemented effectively to enable Hospital financial sustainability in these coming years.

John Mwanza appointed PR/Fundraising official

Mr John Mwanza has been appointed to work fulltime for the department of Public relations/Fundraising to be established at the hospital, – as yet for two months on trial.
Since the cost of maintenance of buildings and equipment and the procurement of equipment is not covered by the hospital’s government grant, finding funds elsewhere has become a necessity for the Hospital Management. In fact this has always been the case, but John Mwanza shall co-ordinate the various efforts and work on sustainability.

John Mwanza is one of the children who were sponsored by Orphan Venerable Children (OVC) from the Friends of St. Francis Hospital between the years 2007 to 2009. After his secondary school in 2012 he worked as a deport data clerk for Food Reserve Agency. In 2013 John went and did secondary teachers’ diploma in mathematics and Religious Education and completed in 2015.

John Mwanza is familiar with the hospital – he has worked as a Hospital revenue collector and One Stop Centre (GBV) data entry clerk and provider for first-line support to GBV (Gender Based Violence) survivors at SFH. Through his passion to give his level best the St. Francis Hospital Management appointed him to work as a fundraiser/PR.

If you have can help John in any way with suggestions or support, mail to mwanzajohn12[at]gmail.com  *

*The format of this email address has been changed to avoid spam. Replace the [at] by the usual @ and send your mail to John.

Bids for renovation Kizito are in!

By project manager Chungu Mutale:

On Friday 22 October a bid opening ceremony was held at St Francis Hospital. Twenty-two contractors were shown around the site – the to be renovated ward of Kizito.
Wednesday 26 October it transpired that only ten contractors managed to submit their sealed bids.

The technical evaluation of the bids will take place in week number 44.

This is a project of the Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands.