Orthoses service at St Francis Hospital

SFH partner 500 Miles of Olivia Giles is still funding a small, low level P&O (prostheses and orthoses) service at St Francis’. See for more information her newsletter, that you may download here. This is housed into the new premises of the physiotherapy department, built at SFH in 2021 with the assistance of the Medical Support Group and Wild Geese of the Netherlands. The representative at SFH does not have the training, machines or materials to make prostheses or complex orthoses, but she can make simple ones. She is also building a register of people who need tase devices – currently standing at 171.

Do you want to support 500 miles in developing a full swing P&O service? Contact Olivia Giles at:
olivia[at]500miles.co.uk *

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Update on St Kizito Renovation

On 3rd November, 2022 a technical evaluation of the bids received took place and a recommendation for a possible award of the contract was conducted. On Thursday 10th November, 2022 the recommendation made by technical evaluation team was approved during a sub-procurement meeting.
A company named Construction for Africa was awarded of the renovation of St. Kizito.

The contractor is expected to be on site between 25th November, 2022 and 2nd December, 2022.
The whole project will be supervised by St Francis Project Manager Mr Chungu Mutale.

This is a project of the Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands.


Update on the Local Fundraising & PR Project

– Consultancy mission to St Francis Hospital, by John Mwanza –

On 10th November, 2022 St. Francis Hospital had a successful online Zoom meeting with Mr. Elias Xavier, a consultant from Tanzania. In the meeting it was agreed that Mr. Xavier, in cooperation with the Hospital will work on a plan and budget for a consultancy mission to visit St. Francis Hospital that will focus on a Strategic Plan for the Fundraising&PR Unit at the Hospital. During the meeting Mr. Xavier proposed three elements for the mission and these are: Facilitating Self Diagnostic, Local Fundraising Training and Fundraising Strategy.

Mr. Xavier is an Organizational Development practitioner who has extensive experience in Change Management and learning. He is an expert in facilitation of Organizational self-diagnosis, Local fundraising, Philanthropy and a consultant for Change the Game Academy (CtGA).

Mr. Xavier has worked with big and small hospitals in Tanzania. He has helped hospital to find means of fundraising using local resources and local people. Through his support visits to hospitals, there are annual local fundraising activities taking place in these hospitals and thus his movement has helped in improving financial sustainability. St. Francis Hospital needs such a supportive visit to also achieve sustainability in the area were the government grant does not cover.

The Hospital is very pleased to have a supportive visit from such an expert who will help the hospital to implement local fundraising projects. The management is looking forward to learn these three elements. These elements will be implemented effectively to enable Hospital financial sustainability in these coming years.

John Mwanza appointed PR/Fundraising official

Mr John Mwanza has been appointed to work fulltime for the department of Public relations/Fundraising to be established at the hospital, – as yet for two months on trial.
Since the cost of maintenance of buildings and equipment and the procurement of equipment is not covered by the hospital’s government grant, finding funds elsewhere has become a necessity for the Hospital Management. In fact this has always been the case, but John Mwanza shall co-ordinate the various efforts and work on sustainability.

John Mwanza is one of the children who were sponsored by Orphan Venerable Children (OVC) from the Friends of St. Francis Hospital between the years 2007 to 2009. After his secondary school in 2012 he worked as a deport data clerk for Food Reserve Agency. In 2013 John went and did secondary teachers’ diploma in mathematics and Religious Education and completed in 2015.

John Mwanza is familiar with the hospital – he has worked as a Hospital revenue collector and One Stop Centre (GBV) data entry clerk and provider for first-line support to GBV (Gender Based Violence) survivors at SFH. Through his passion to give his level best the St. Francis Hospital Management appointed him to work as a fundraiser/PR.

If you have can help John in any way with suggestions or support, mail to mwanzajohn12[at]gmail.com  *

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Bids for renovation Kizito are in!

By project manager Chungu Mutale:

On Friday 22 October a bid opening ceremony was held at St Francis Hospital. Twenty-two contractors were shown around the site – the to be renovated ward of Kizito.
Wednesday 26 October it transpired that only ten contractors managed to submit their sealed bids.

The technical evaluation of the bids will take place in week number 44.

This is a project of the Medical Support Group and Wilde Ganzen Foundation, the Netherlands.


Great news! SFH upgraded to level 3

Hospitals in Zambia are divided into three main categories: District Hospitals (First Level Hospitals), General Hospitals (Provincial Hospitals or Second Level Hospitals) and Specialist Hospitals (Tertiary Referral Hospitals or Third Level Hospitals).
The Zambian Ministry of Health has by means of a letter dated 15 July 2022 granted the request submitted by the SFH Board for St Francis’ Hospital to be upgraded from a second level hospital to a Third Level Hospital (Specialist Hospital).
The HPCZ (Health Professions Council of Zambia) assessed the suitability of the upgrade. The hospital scored well except in the area of human resource.
To consolidate this upgrade to level 3 the Zambian Ministry of Health and the hospital management will work together to find the specialist staff required for the new level.
Congratulations to the hospital management are in order. This important step taken by the Ministry of Health is a recognition of all the hard work and excellent service St Francis’ has delivered over the years.

Read the letter of the Zambian Ministry of Health here.































SFH Annual Report 2021

Click on this news item to download the SFH Annual Report. See what the hospital has accomplished in 2021 – a joint effort of the board, the management and the staff. The hospital is very important to the local population, for regular health care and for whom Lusaka is too fat to travel for specialist care. The population shows its gratitude by giving on ‘Hospital Sunday’. Also the various foreigns donors are of the utmost importance.
With the help of all the hospital may be upgraded and receive more government support.


Physio up and running

Minister of Health visits SFH

The Minister of Health, Ms Sylvia Masebo, announced that government will this month advertise for jobs for all health workers. She says a circular will be released soon and advised health workers who are working on voluntary basis to apply for the jobs.
The minister said this in Katete, Eastern province at St. Francis Hospital during her familiarisation tour of the health facility.
The jobs to be advertised are for the recruitment process of 11, 200 health personal.
Ms Masebo reaffirmed government commitment towards the improvement of health care services to the people.

Oxygen plant up and running! Read about this successful project and donate towards one final step!

The Friends of St Francis Katete donated towards a project for an oxygen generator, powered by solar panels. It took a while, but now the generator is up and running, saving lives and saving the hospital a lot of time and money. Andrew Cairns reports:

“After two and half years of fund raising by the Friends of St Francis Katete, for equipment acquisition and installation, the hospital now has a fully functioning Oxygen Plant that during the day is fully powered by Solar. It was so impressive to visit the hospital in November/December 2021 and to see that all the plans, so careful in their making, have all come together.
The oxygen plant was acquired through Mulilo Gases (Zambia) Ltd and purchased through Inmatec of Germany.
The solar power plant was designed, engineered, supplied and installed by YouGo Ltd based in Lusaka.
Muntanga Munkombwe was the main Independent consultant who during the whole process has been invaluable to the solar project. His work has been exemplary.

At last, the hospital will no longer have to reply upon to a round trip to Kafue of just less than 1,100 kms to fill oxygen cylinders. The hospital is now providing oxygen to other medical institutions from Nyimba to Lundazi. It has already saved many lives.
As the oxygen plant, for its operation during the day, has been using solar power alone, the hospital’s carbon footprint has been reduced by 2.25 tons over the last 3 weeks (to 27th December 2021).

Due to financial constraints in the solar plant’s initial installation, we are now trying to raise more funds to acquire more batteries for extended backup use. It is hoped that the once the additional batteries are connected, there will sufficient capacity to power the oxygen plant, all four theatres, ICU, SCBU, labour wards and the children’s ward for up to 5 hours in emergencies. For the remainder of the night, we will have to rely on power from ZESCO or diesel gensets that are ailing having had them serve for more than 20 years.

One the of the big plusses in the way the solar system has been set up is that as funding allows, we will be able to add more PV panels, inverters, batteries etc. The long-term dream would be for the hospital to be energy self-sufficient.

If you would like to donate towards this project or to other work at the hospital, please click here.

If you would like to know more about the hospital and its work in improving the health and welfare of the Zambian people, please contact andrew.cairns[at]@fosfkct.org.uk.
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