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New tractor for St Francis’ Hospital

A new tractor was urgently needed in the hospital. Without a tractor, the removal of the rubbish, shifting building and other materials is a real hassle. Since the old one has completely broken down, the hospital management put in a request to the Dutch support group St Francis’ Hospital MSG to provide the funds to […]

Annual Report 2015-2016

The Annual Report of the year 2015, compiled by the Senior Hospital Administrator, Audreen Lunda Kamukwaba. The Annual Report gives to the interested reader detailed data about the hospital operations and status, including finances and staffing information. You can download the report by clicking the following link : 2015-2016-annual-report.

Dr Lalick Banda appointed MSI

Dr Lalick Banda has been appointed new Medical Superintendent of St Francis’ Hospital. As from August 2016 Dr Banda, beside being an experienced pediatrician, has started work as hospital manager at SFH. Mr Anil Sharma,  a close colleague at the Ministry of Health writes about him: “Mr Lalick Banda is a very competent doctor who […]

Lack of accommodation for senior staff

Although new wards are being built, lack of qualified senior staff partly caused by lack of appropriate accommodation, for senior staff (consultant surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists) remains a major challenge. The hospital has many housing units, but most of them are either too small (1-2 bedrooms) or too old for decent accommodation (many built in […]