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Update on Covid-19 situation

Ms Chaze Sibamba, Social Worker at St Francis’ Hospital reports: “More measures have been put in place, handwashing points have been put around the hospital and at the Main Entrance, all clients coming in the hospital have to go through the triage shelter which is just somewhere outside, where they are asked of any history […]

RIP Mr Bruno Mwale

Since the Covid-19 situation deteriorated many more Zambians caught the disease, among whom Bruno Mwale, Senior Public Healthy Officer at St Francis’ Hospital since 2011. Our sincere condolences go to his family, relatives and friends. May he rest in Peace. Ms Chaze Sibamba, Social Worker at St Francis’ Hospital: “In spite of the fact that […]

Covid situation getting worse

Chaze Sibamba, Social Welfare Officer at SFH, reports on 22 January 2021: “The last number of cases announced in the clinical meeting was over 80; doctors, nurses, and other workers at the hospital had tested positive. Thankfully enough a good number recovered, tested negative and they have been reporting back for work. At St Francis […]

RIP Dr Joop Jansen

On 16th December, at 11 in the morning, Dr Joop Jansen died at the age of 67, only a couple of days after he returned home from Katete, Zambia. Joop Jansen suffered from an incurable cancer. He accepted his fate with admirable resignation. Faithful friends lovingly cared for him during his last days and he […]

Zambia among six safest places to travel

Zambia is among the six safest places to travel during Covid-19 Pandemic An international travel organization has named Zambia among six safest travel destinations in world, and the only one in Africa so far to receive the recognition. Zambia is the fourth safest tourism destination ahead of Uruguay and Saudi Arabia while Australia, New Zealand […]

Judith Mumba reports

“The Covid 19 situation here remains the same, with some positives being recorded every day. The workload is heavy because there are no students in the wards.”

Logie Legacy’s fundraising campaign

St Francis’ Hospital Scottish partner, the Logie Lagacy, has started a fundraising campaign for personal protective equipment for the hospital as well as drilling another borehole to ensure a safe water supply. They want to raise 10,000 pounds.

Partners meet online

On May 3rd partners discussed the Covid-19 situation in an online Zoom meeting. The management of St Francis’ Hospital Dr Lalick Banda, Mr Fred Ntongwe, Mrs Judith Mumba and Robert Banda were present. Brian Magowan of the Logie Legacy chaired the meeting. Others present: Logie Legacy: Chris Faldon, Alison Aitken en Lorraine Wilson. Border Hospital: […]