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Great news! SFH upgraded to level 3

Hospitals in Zambia are divided into three main categories: District Hospitals (First Level Hospitals), General Hospitals (Provincial Hospitals or Second Level Hospitals) and Specialist Hospitals (Tertiary Referral Hospitals or Third Level Hospitals). The Zambian Ministry of Health has by means of a letter dated 15 July 2022 granted the request submitted by the SFH Board […]

SFH Annual Report 2021

Click on this news item to download the SFH Annual Report. See what the hospital has accomplished in 2021 – a joint effort of the board, the management and the staff. The hospital is very important to the local population, for regular health care and for whom Lusaka is too fat to travel for specialist […]

Minister of Health visits SFH

The Minister of Health, Ms Sylvia Masebo, announced that government will this month advertise for jobs for all health workers. She says a circular will be released soon and advised health workers who are working on voluntary basis to apply for the jobs. The minister said this in Katete, Eastern province at St. Francis Hospital […]

SFH Annual Report 2020 to be downloaded here

Albeit with some delay, the extensive SFH Annual Report has been published. Dr Lalick Banda in the introduction: “The year 2020 was yet another difficult year especially with the outbreak of COVID 19 which has not only created fear among our people but has also put a lot strain on scarce resources. At the peak […]

The Logie Legacy meeting with Zambian, UK and European partners

Sunday, 28th November 2021 from 2 till 4 pm: due to Covid partners meet again via Zoom.  In this meeting, where Zambian, UK and European partners are present, major issues will be addressed in the field of fundraising opportunities, projects on hand, possible future projects, but above all: how can partners join forces to be more […]

Please help to set up the Gym!

At St Francis Hospital a new Physio Department has been built.  The hospital management, seconded by Project Liaison Officer Ms Rachaeal Nakasunda, aims at opening paid Gym facilities to staff and general public in order to promote health, but also to generate funds to alleviate financial shortages that the hospital faces on a yearly basis […]

‘Minga is our sister hospital’

‘Minga is our sister hospital’ – this is how Dr Banda reacted when asked to assist in a major project for Minga Hospital. The Dutch charity, Friends of Minga, is going to  be liquidated shortly and has sought the cooperation of the St Francis Hospital Medical Support Group (also in the Netherlands) to realise its […]

Update on quadruplets

From Mr Fred Ntongwe, Senior Hospital Administrator and ward of the St Francis’ born quadruplets, we received an update for all of you who so generously donated to support the family. As we know two of the babies did not survive, but the other two, Dalitso and Elesiya, are thriving. The family is visited on […]