Project renovation St Kizito completed

Mr Chungu B Mutale reports:

The renovation of the Kizito surgical ward has successfully been completed and the patients have been moved back in the ward.
The actual delivery period surpassed the initially proposed one. Some of the challenges that might have led to this are:
(1) the countless stoppages during the roofing works as this activity was carried out during the rainy season,
(2) No other works could be done simultaneously with the roofing works as patients were still in Kizito ward when the roofing was started on the Mukasa side (Mukasa patients moved out first to allow the contractor to replace the roofing on the Mukasa side, then Kizito patients moved out later to allow the continuation of the roof replacement and to allow the rest of the interior works to commence) and
(3) the slight delay in the rectification of snags by the contractor. Clearly the above factors were not considered the time the acceptable delivery period was being drafted.
The project is now in the Defect Liability phase for further rectification of any snags that will come up during the operation of the ward for the next six months.
This was project of the St Francis Hospital MSG (Netherlands) and Wilde Ganzen (Netherlands)