Please help to set up the Gym!

At St Francis Hospital a new Physio Department has been built.  The hospital management, seconded by Project Liaison Officer Ms Rachaeal Nakasunda, aims at opening paid Gym facilities to staff and general public in order to promote health, but also to generate funds to alleviate financial shortages that the hospital faces on a yearly basis due to the limited government support for church hospitals. This is one of the income generating projects to make the hospital less dependent on the limited government grant and foreign donors.
Please support the hospital on the way to a sustainable financial independence!

Read here about the Rationale of the project, drawn up by Ms Rachaeal Nakasunda.

The fitness industry in Zambia has experienced growth over the last few years. This is evident in the number of gyms and fitness related events such as Zambia day of fitness and many others. The growth of the fitness as a trend and lifestyle choice has been heavily influenced by the growth of the trend globally. Fitness for most people in Zambia is closely associated with aerobics movement. Aerobics gained popularity through the efforts of various trainers and fitness enthusiast training groups of people in open spaces with large speakers blasting their most energetic beats. This lead to the wider population feeling like fitness is an activity they can incorporate into their lives. The former President also contributed to the fitness movement by doing a 10 kilometer run every weekend throughout towns and cities around the country in a bead to inspire the country to stop dying from non-commutable diseases.

Another phenomenon that’s inspiring working out and exercise is weight loss and maintenance. Many doctors and researchers have pointed out that exercise is one of the main ways to lose and maintain weight and is key improving your health. It can reduce your risk of certain conditions, such as heart disease and type 2diabetes. It can lower the blood pressure and total cholesterol level. It also can relieve symptoms and prevent injuries related to being overweight.

Therefore, the hospital decided to introduce the gym services in the District as a response to the overwhelming demand for such services in the District. This will be the first gym to have been established in Katete.

Apart from providing the health benefits to the community of Katete and beyond, the gym will also provide the financial resources that are required to sustainably contribute to the provisions of health services at the hospital.

The construction of the gym has been completed. The gym was part of the Physiotherapy building which was constructed with the generous financial support from the Medical Support Group of Netherlands.

However, the equipment for the gym was not part of the package for the project and will have to be sourced separately.

A total amount of ZMK 396,140. 00 is required to set up a Gym.

The required amount equals about € 20.000,- or £ 19.000. Please donate: NL28INGB0003022230 citing ‘Gym Project’.
With an eye to transparancy you may read the whole Project Plan here.