‘Minga is our sister hospital’

‘Minga is our sister hospital’ – this is how Dr Banda reacted when asked to assist in a major project for Minga Hospital.
The Dutch charity, Friends of Minga, is going to  be liquidated shortly and has sought the cooperation of the St Francis Hospital Medical Support Group (also in the Netherlands) to realise its final project: the renovation of Male Ward at the urgent request of Sr Asperanza of Minga Hospital.
Now that Dr Banda has agreed to St Francis’ being Project Owner on behalf of Minga, a lot of practical problems are solved. The project will be overseen by the experienced SFH Project Manager, Mr Chungu Mutale, and also project reports and finances are dealt with by SFH management.
Sr Asperanza is extremely happy with this urgently needed renovation and also the people of Minga have shown their gratitude by offering eggs, flour and other foodstuffs to the hospital.

The work is done by the Zambian contractor Top Firm.