SFH monthly bulletin March 2021- Read the news and adopt a project!

This is the third issue of the new St Francis’ Hospital Bulletin with interesting news for and about donors and partners. Read about Tim Legge and the Christian Aware Team who provided funds for the procurement of school requisites for a new hospital initiative. The hospital has set up a project to teach the ‘waiters’ – young pregnant women staying on  the hospital premises awaiting their delivery. Many of these young women, often still girls, have missed ut on their formal education. In this hospital project they are being taught by the teachers under special education of Jersey School. The first lesson was done on april 2021.
Read all news items in the Volume March bulletin and download it here.

Also the building housing the oxygen plant is making progress, and the new Physio Department is at its final stages of construction.

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MSG reports: Physio block nearly ready

On April 9 the Dutch MSG (stfrancishospital-msg.nl) received reports from project manager Mr Chungu stating the progress of building the new Physio Department. The reports show that the building is going quite according to schedule. The builder is the Zambian contractor Top Firm.
The Dutch charity Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese – English page) supported this MSG project with a contribution of 50% of the total project money, e.g. 50 cents to every Euro raised by MSG itself.