Covid situation getting worse

Chaze Sibamba, Social Welfare Officer at SFH, reports on 22 January 2021:
“The last number of cases announced in the clinical meeting was over 80; doctors, nurses, and other workers at the hospital had tested positive.
Thankfully enough a good number recovered, tested negative and they have been reporting back for work.
At St Francis unfortunately we don’t have a covid isolation ward, critical cases are still being reffered to Petauke to Kalindawalo Hospital.

So far 5 patients from Katete were taken to Petauke. Among them is a member of staff at SFH, his condition was not too good and they had to refer him in an ambulance.
The second wave here in Zambia has taken away so many lives it’s really sad and scary, we only hope the vaccine will help, although there has been a lot of misconception over the vaccine. Some fear it’s not safe that it comes with a lot of bad effects..
And a lot of sensitisation will need to be done by the government to help people understand.

It’s also sad that up to now here in Katete people are still not masking up, especially in the markets. However, in the shops a lot of effort has been made to advise people to mask up.”

So far this not too good news from Chaze Sibamba in her report to MSG.