Judith Mumba reports

On September 4th we received the following update of Mrs Judith Mumba about the situation at St Francis’ Hospital:

“The Covid 19 situation here remains the same, with some positives being recorded every day, especially in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. St Francis recorded one positive who was visiting Katete then came to the hospital. By the time we got the positive result she had already traveled back, but all staff were swabbed and are waiting for results. None have fallen ill so far. It has been made mandatory to wear masks in public places.
We have continued with the same precautions of no visitors, bed siders only for critically ill patients. Every one entering the hospital is screened for any obvious symptoms. We still don’t have students on the wards so the workload is sometimes too much, especially for the surgical wards. The only students in school are those writing exams in Nov/Dec 2020.
At the moment we are alright with supplies for Covid 19 prevention due to the fact that the funding from the government has been regular.
The Social Worker’s name is Chaze Sibamba. As far as I know she has not been involved with the quads as yet. I have asked Fred to send you a report. There has not been a recent visit to the family.*
The only muzungu doctors are Dr Lisa in OBGY from the Netherlands and Dr Rikki, Anaesthesiologist.”
*There has been contact by phone with the family and Fred Ntongwe. The family is well and so are the two babies.